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Dr. Gwendolyn Rolle


Dr. Rolle is a native of Freeport Bahamas. She is a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Florida who has over 40 years of notable experience and expertise in the field. She received her Cosmetology certificate from Miami Academy of Beauty Culture located in Coral Gables, an Instructor certification from Your School of Beauty of Chicago, an Associate's Degree and Honorary Doctorate in Cosmetology from National Institute of Cosmetology, a division of the National Beauty Cultures League (NBCL). She owned and operated a Beauty Salon and Beauty Supply shop in Vero Beach, Florida prior to launching her lifelong dream of opening a beauty school. Charr-Nix's New Generation School of Beauty is a product of faith and perseverance. Dr. Rolle is dedicated to equipping uprising beauty experts with mentorship and quality education.


Betty Rawls


Mrs. Rawls is a native of New Haven, Connecticut.  She has over 35 years of experience in business administration, graphic design, and marketing. She is known for her strategic vision, leadership, and spirit of excellence.  As the school administrator, her primary role is to enhance operational efficiency, coordinate annual State Licensure renewals, establish strategic marketing campaigns, create visual content for media and advertising, implement initiatives to drive enrollment, oversee the admissions and onboarding process for new students, leverage technology to develop database systems to improve administrative and educational processes for tracking student attendance, grades, and academic progress.  She is committed to evaluating school performances to ensure the highest standards of academic and operational excellence is achieved.

We Are Committed to
the Success of Our Students!

Our mission is to offer the highest level of commitment to the success of our students and to create a rewarding educational experience:


  • Flexibility: We offer both full-time and part-time schedules to help our students balance between work, family, and school. We offer students the flexibility to adjust their schedules to work around personal circumstances.

  • Faculty & Staff: Our Instructors bring years of experience and passion into the classrooms.

  • Facility: Our 4200 sq ft facility provides ample space for a fully equipped lab that simulates a professional salon and barber settings to give our students real-life experiences.

  • Practical Training: We offer our students hands-on experience from day one, as they master techniques and gain confidence through practical training.

  • Teacher to Student Ratio: Our small class sizes ensures that our students receive the guidance and individual attention needed to overcome obstacles and progress at their own pace.

  • Exciting Activities & Projects: Our students are given opportunities to showcase their skills and creativity as we participate in hair shows and competitions.

  • Placement and Career Support Services:  We offer job placement assistance, job fairs, resume building, and networking opportunities to help our students connect with potential employers.

  • Student Portfolios: With the aid of a professional marketing and graphic design expert, we teach our graduates how to create digital portfolios to market their services on social media.  

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